Violin is Easy - a guide

Improve your Violin Playing in 1 hour by reading this short guide.

Violin is Easy by Dr. Peter Bucknell is a quick read and it contains tips that will redfine your practice methods. 


Violin is Easy is a valuable companion to any violinist's progression toward being a better student.

The information in this book is drawn from the author's experience as a Professor, as a concert artist and from his many years as an advanced student.

Dr. Bucknell studied with teachers who were considered to be the best in the world.

There is an unlimited amount of information out there about learning the violin. This book will help everyone learn and improve faster, without having to wade through a lot of unnecessary information.
Inside you will find the secrets to cutting down on wasted time in the practice room, improving posture, holding the instrument better, fixing your vibrato, your bow hold, using or not using shoulder rests, intonation and tone production.

This book is a wonderfully succinct rundown of how to be a better student, teacher and player.
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