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Vietnam Documentary:

"Mist of the Perfume River"

I traveled to Vietnam with Comedian, Hung Le.
With the help of our sponsors, we managed to capture this compelling story of a famous artist interrupted by war, and the survival of his work.

Hung and I feel proud that we managed to capture it before people passed away and took the story with them. It took us seven years, four countries, two translators, ten musicians, many hours of editing, but it's finished its initial journey. 

Now it begins its discovery stage where people who are interested in Vietnam come upon this very personal avenue into the unique story of a national treasure: Hung's Dad, Le Than Nhon, whose works of art have been saved from destruction, disrepair and disregard.




Watch the film here

 It is 48 minutes long

I suggest watching it on a big screen, your computer, tablet or laptop as there are lots of subtitles, both in English and in Vietnamese.  

Watch the extra section about the Buddha Sculpture